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Aggressive, Smart DWI Defense Attorney in Dallas-Fort Worth TX

Driving while intoxicated (DWI) is a crime that happens to the best of us. Whether you are a professor at Texas A&M or a Plano police officer, you can end up getting arrested for a DWI after a night out with friends or family. Though no one wants to endure a DWI fight, it's very important to know that you can successfully fight the charge. 

Unfortunately, many people think spilling out their hearts to the arresting police officer and pleading guilty at the arraignment will help them. The hope is that they were forthcoming and so a judge should be lenient and let them get back to their lives. You could indeed end up with no jail time, but you will end up with a criminal record. And that alone can mean all the difference in how a DWI arrest can turn a bad situation into a worse one. Of course, a lot of it is dependent on the DWI charge, the circumstances, the nature of the arrest, any prior DWI convictions, among other factors.

To discuss your DWI and get answers to all the many questions you must have, contact an aggressive, skilled DWI defense attorney. Carl Ceder represents clients throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area. He is committed, and he is knowledgeable.

Types of DWI Offenses in Dallas-Fort Worth TX

DWI offenses are many, and they range from misdemeanors to felonies. It all depends on the circumstances and type of DWI offense. Common DWI offenses, DWI-related offenses, and DWI circumstances include:

Methods to Defend Against DWI Offenses in Dallas-Fort Worth TX

There are various ways a DWI attorney can build your defense, and here are just a few of those ways.

  • Challenging Field Sobriety tests
  • Challenging breath tests
  • Challenging blood tests
  • Challenging urine tests
  • Filing motions to suppress evidence based on Constitutional violations
  • Challenging the State's expert witnesses
  • Providing Expert Witness Testimony
  • And much more.

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