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Criminal Defender in Dallas-Fort Worth TX

Being charged with a criminal offense in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area is a frustrating and even scary time for people. The police are aggressive, using every trick in the book to arrest you. Prosecutors are relentless, employing all the resources they have to convict you. A jury and judge can be harsh, allowing themselves to be easily persuaded.

But the evidence must be there to convict a person of a crime, regardless of how serious or not the crime is. A good criminal defense attorney is the kind that thoroughly and aggressively investigates and challenges the State's case against you and creates the doubt necessary so that you can avoid a criminal conviction or -- in some cases -- agree to a plea deal that is in your best interest.

Carl David Ceder is the type of criminal defense attorney with whom you can trust your freedom. He will persevere to prove a person's innocence. He also understands we all deserve second chances. Whatever the case may be, he will negotiate and challenge the prosecutor. He will work hard to get charges dismissed, and if not dismissed, then reduced to a lesser charge. In many cases, it is best for you to go to trial to win an acquittal. 

Carl David Ceder understands that each case is different and requires its own defense strategy. Keep in mind, a defense strategy is not only about having a viable defense but also about having the strategy executed timely, persuasively, and effectively. Carl Ceder will review the facts and circumstances, investigate the case, discuss with you what your best options are, and execute the defense effectively. He handles many different types of criminal cases, including

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