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Defenses to Assault & Family Violence Charges in Dallas-Fort Worth TX

An assault or domestic violence charge is serious. Plus, the impact of an arrest can be immediate. You may have to post bail. You may have a protective order placed against you. You may have any number of things happening once charged. So, you may not necessarily be thinking about hiring the right attorney as opposed to any attorney, and you probably aren't thinking of developing a strong defense as opposed to how you can make all of this go away sooner than later.  

But you should be thinking about retaining the right attorney and developing a strong defense.

An experienced assault and domestic violence attorney in the Dallas-Fort Worth area can help make sure your rights are upheld, including your Constitutional right to defend yourself. You should never plead guilty to any of these types of charges at your arraignment unless you have spoken to Carl Ceder or another skilled, smart criminal defense lawyer. Pleading guilty effectively means you give up your right to a defense, and you'll end up with a criminal record attached to your name, and that comes with a slew of collateral consequences.

Can an Attorney Successfully Defend Against Your Domestic Violence or Assault Charge in Texas?

The thing to know is this: you are innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Plus, you can successfully defend against assault and domestic violence charges in Texas. It takes the right attorney and the right defense strategy.

Carl Ceder will aggressively challenge assault and domestic violence charges against you. He will develop a defense that counters the State's claims, and he will do so by combining strategies (like filing motions to suppress evidence when Constitutional rights have been violated) and relevant defenses. In assault and domestic violence cases, there are viable and statutory defenses available, like:

  • Mistake of Fact
  • Self-Defense
  • Defense of Others
  • Defense of Property
  • False Accusations.

Contact Carl Ceder if you have been charged with an assault crime or domestic violence offense in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area.